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    this is my wifey of 20 years.all of these pics have been taken over the last Four years.more pics will ensue if you like this puny sample Old Photos 06 Hi again...

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    Here ......near to the mountain of my city......i love pose naked or utter of clothes.......its cold here but doesnt matter ......enjoy them. XOXOXOXOXOXO ;-)...

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    Some scans of my Doggie Sub. We like flashing off and reading allthe comments even the bad, bad ,sad ones. I think she makes a excellent pet. Yes I drink....

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    Hi Kate and squad, We loved hot summer in spain and the tastey games we toyed. We hope people like them, we did. Gives some comments if you indeed want it. Has become bored on you...

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    We went swimming at the lake and went for a walk afterward. We stumbled across this isolated area and Robin thought it would be a fine place for some pictures!! Hope you love as much as we did! My tits for......

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    with love Please put the pictures in the private part 1 ste time wifey. AX- mas introduce from the wifey to all surfers on the www. Spanish Strand Damsels 14...

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    hi kate and squad this the first-ever contri of my wifey beatrice. thanks for your comments i send these pics for her bday. i will send more tanks for your comments Smooches, Lisette....

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    its been a little while since my last set of pixs we were indeed liking the vacation and the pixs we took so i wished to share them with you all. i truly am looking forward to all the good comments from all the dudes & women who love looking at my pixs till the next time bye pdpmem

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