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    Thanks for all the superb comments over the last ten years. We are going on holidays in a duo of weeks - maybe there will be a "July 2011" session... wifey sound asleep...

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    the wifey and I have purchased a night club ,we thought we would take a little photo break . It's been a lengthy time since the last pic's , got to get back into it. GIVE COMMENTS...

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    after such good feedback on the instant tit flash and the request to see me nude here goes..... let me know what you think....any requests...CuteGirl xxx Leave your comments!...

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    My princess is very excited about the positive comments. She determined we needed a duo more photo shoots before my Two week excursion. You all are the beneficiaries of her sexiness! She is my wifey....

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    2nd attempt. The very first were too hot. Hope you all love our night in with the fresh camera . We had a fine time. Keep up the good work. Look forward to hearing your comments Masculine & Female! Do you like my balloons?...

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    But I have an examination coming up briefly, and I HAVE to examine for it.""" Mom of Three...

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    Stella never had a utter trim before. Keep the voting and comments nutting and we will post pix of this session after the shave! Some more pics of my wifey...

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    She is 59 years old and has no idea i am doing this. She puts up with me taking her pictures but would kill me if she knew you were witnessing them back again...

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    Made me so horny. All I could think about was fucking while we were out. She made me wait till we got back but at least I got to take these photos to add to the ultra-kinky Rabbit collection. Wifey from the rear view...

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    2nd contribution.................more skin. Thank you so much for all the positive comments on my 1st contribution, here are some more. viel SpaAY......

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    If you had a big dick before kids, and afterwards it shriveled down to a quarter it's original size.. wouldn't you miss it and want it back if you could. I had to agree. Need a nice hard smack...

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    Went to a local sand somewhere down south...took a camera, some clothes and shot some more pics. I know fairly a few people got a good look which was fine ;-) Selfie of the Wifey...

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    You guys are so wonderful. All these good comments encourages me to send more Pics. I'm absolutly dazed. Unluckily I cannot reaction all the nice messages but be sure I'm truly gratefull. So many of you want so see more pics of my sweet little donk. I wanna give you what you want :)

    November 2017 18:15:33


    This woman is unbelievable. She will do absolutely anything I ask of her and do it with energy. The pics in the shadows are on the banks of a Northern California sea. People are passing less than 20 ft. away They must have heard her wails. We are looking for a woman playmate in NorCal.

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    Some of the comments hinted on me being Brit. I am indeed English but am proud to fly the Australian flag as Melbourne is now my home. I looked hard at the pictures to find a giveaway but, can see none. I can only assume some of my English friends look at this site and recognised me. Ultra-kinky boys!

    November 2017 18:23:39


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