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    Here are a few pics of the wifey and myself ..no e-mail please! title : are own little world.........thanks for the crush donk site!!!!!!!!! MY Milky Decorate....

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    first-ever time out for this beauty. what does everyone think; should she do more? how about some for Naturists too? she thinks she is too fat...if so, don't we wish all ladies were fat like this...lol Just a swift half...

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    We recently submitted some photos taken in it to FS, but as usual, we were left with a few extra pics deemed "too hot" for Naturist project, so, we determined to post them here. I back, i hope you like!...

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    We luved a few days of vacation recently in Cabo. My beautiful wifey was very sexy, and we luved taking these pics for you to see. mia seconda volta...

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    Thanks for the lovely comments on my first-ever displaying, I was a bit timid. You guys asked to see more and see my hairy cunt, so I hope these are OK. Luv to flash my stuff...

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  • Caught Rear end Style on Public Sand

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments I'm getting for my Naturist project pics. Here are more pics of me having assfuck joy. I like anal invasion intrusion once I get into the mood. Just remeber that some women don't like anal invasion intrusion. Be sure to ask the lady before you attempt it. http://sexy.Nudists.com/susan/

    December 2018 6:43:40

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    First-ever time for me. Just dreamed some feedback from the vw lady viewers. I am not having alot of luck at the moment with the fairer orgy and just wished to know if you would or would not? I am 46 and would love to know what you think chicks and guys as well I suppose.

    December 2018 5:35:50

  • Queer Henndrik big soft Stiffy Plage

    Still at the high school reunion on the Queen Mary, dodging late-night sightseers and slipping in and out of my gown at numerous locations on the upper decks. Join us as we see what else I can get away with…

    December 2018 6:41:39


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