• Voyeurism

    Trimmed down today - so made some pics. If you don't like uncircumcised don't look. Wanting to trade pics of myself and the wifey for those interested. MIAMI Playa Joy...

  • Real

    This is my first-ever contribution to Naturist projects,My spouse took these photos just as the sun cameup. I had so much joy taking these, so I hope you all love. xoxox PLEASE DO NOT Flash MY EMAIL pinching;)...

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    Silvia se mouille dans l'eau glac e d'une montagne occitane / Silvia gets moist in the water frozen by an occitane mountain Anna posing in crimson...

  • Suntan


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    Hi, I am Brasileiro, she is a friend called Raimunda, in Brazil is "feia de cara, boa de ...." This is my very first contribuition. Thank you Clifton playa beauties...

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    M* Franck My French Paramour Hi! This is Franck my french paramour, I just wished to share him with you! He likes to taunt. Not a meaty one but he knows how to use it. Dont leave behind to vote! More to come.. do you like me...

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  • me and bf first-timer public fuck on the plage

    This is my wife's very first contri. She likes to pose but is worried about confidentiality. I told her to keep her hat on, and leave the rest to her imagination. Please suggest some encouragement if you want to see more!

    October 2018 22:16:15

  • Hot Duo Fucking on Sand BVR

    howdy group, please dont post email, this is our first-ever contri. Pretty basic for now but will get nicer in comments are good. Looking for a duo to go out & do a little flashing & joy during the night before THE INDIANAPOLIS 500 RACE.

    October 2018 21:45:55

  • Plage ladies displaying their bums 1

    In case you were wondering what I do when I have some free time during the day...I usually clean up or do the laundry. I don't normally do the laundry naked but thought I would do this for my Naturist project admirers. Does anyone do the laundry naked at home? ... I hope you will love them! Love & Smooches

    October 2018 13:9:47


  • Wrote bodzio19cm

    To bad these are web pics.!!!

  • Wrote tquila_boy

    Last time I commented on your beautiful smile and there it is again! And I asked for my shots of your perky little breasts .... they are simply PERFECT!! Please post more!

  • Wrote fins7213

    She looks and moves like that fuckin' Hot Honey with a peruke on.You left it 25 years too late!

  • Wrote jonnylike

    A cool dip sounds awfully refreshing so yes please :-)

  • Wrote moatboat

    I would love to eat you dry.

  • Wrote tig_r

    Front to back....one classy lass....a refreshing switch from the "20 something" wannabees....they can only hope to age as well as you have....thanks for sharing!anacapa_bob@msn.com

  • Wrote bipaar

    grüße von kleines juwel

  • Wrote funtone

    I am sure he wouldn't and I will for sure share my thickness with you and your fine hot butt. thsvb

  • Wrote kollet

    your tits are awesome!!

  • Wrote baroldo


  • Wrote mariotheb

    you are making this 28 y/o mexican dude stroke while looking at you. I would love to taste you!!!!

  • Wrote bexley

    Would love to see those 3sum pics!!!! Drop me a line.

  • Wrote bbcdirk9

    SHOULD NEVER WEAR A Hooter-sling -TO GORGEOUS A LADY -I WOULD ASK MY LADY NOT TO WEAR A BRA-IF YOU HAVE THEM YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF THEM...i love them -and with the jewelry,please post more-and all of you---you have what it takes

  • Wrote piede44

    mmmmmmmmmm baby would love to floss my teeth with the string from your underpants, would you like to see what i did to your pic send me one please with your gams spread and you underpants off

  • Wrote Sigrid-DWT

    now you know why we should shot anyone crossing the bouder ,oh god are you lucky ha!

  • Wrote silversta

    Me gusta tus piernas, y especialmente tu chocha y culo!! Que quiero comelos!! Si estarÃ?s en GranÃ?, España, mandamelo un mensaje. .. podrÃ-amos sacar fotos. . .y mÃ?s?? Podemos compartir

  • Wrote sweet_dude

    Hey Marti. May I say how much I liked your amazingly voluptuous and erotic photos. My wifey Susie and I are a Scandinavian duo who love sharing our intimate and private photos with other like minded couples. Please perceive free to drop us an email at pastyspage@mail.com if you would like to share pictures with us discreetly. Regards, Jack.

  • Wrote geilesteil

    Amazing assets. So nice titties.But as a very very oral dude, I want to eat her, eat, slurp, drinking her love juice.A very HOT stunner

  • Wrote megafucker

    i'll buy any with his trouser snake on

  • Wrote drastic-b

    I love lengthy hard shafts particularly with nice big round heads...looks like it would work with my slot.

  • Wrote deviantda

    pls keep sending more...MMF, FFM?

  • Wrote rocklong8

    teenager naturistsDu beau sperme.

  • Wrote ronniev13

    I'm laughin' my nuts off at #9looks as tho if you liquidated the nip pins all the air will escape

  • Wrote rlove

    What a stunning, sexy and gorgeous Lady. That bod is flawless...so flawless and sugary. The poses are sexy, hot and classy. But, the face, eyes and look completes the total package. You are beautiful.Bill (sabretooth3)

  • Wrote Femcanisl

    An amazing butt, two divine gams, a brilliant figure so exciting! Ia€™d love to munch it all from her feet up to her neck ... Congratulations! Send more, please! adrianliddal@yahoo.it

  • Wrote dickklaus

    don't give a rip what anyone says...those close-ups of dark and pink contrast...foken superb!

  • Wrote OHOBOB

    Your surgeon needs more practice. Ten out of Ten for your bravery tho

  • Wrote ohhhjonnie

    Can you say BEER GUT ?

  • Wrote lowrider611

    Just because you have a cell phone camera does not mean you should use it.

  • Wrote paololibero

    with that nice vapid tummy why you wear high midbody jeans

  • Wrote i4nakate


  • Wrote glue123

    Slew of potential here. Please post more and reveal more too.

  • Wrote psanches


  • Wrote chinnaz

    Y QUE TETAS!!!

  • Wrote Make-it_r

    teenage naturistscant you just fuck off

  • Wrote deep_purple

    Sweet pics!!! More miniskirt shots, just a little higher

  • Wrote possumt

    you lucky basterd,nice;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  • Wrote dreadrock

    delicious! thxlook how the 2nd nip just emerges in pict4.

  • Wrote nifferando

    wonder if she will look good when she is 80

  • Wrote tjintos

    Please, post more soon,thank you.

  • Wrote DR99

    I like a good barbi (no pun intended)

  • Wrote BigDickDo

    You are beautiful! Love to see more, retiredguy57@hotmail.com

  • Wrote foreverha

    mmmmmmmmmm fantastic figure. I love demonstrating me naked to the femmes and hook to receive comments from them... sexy-girl@artgallery75.com

  • Wrote Fussgeiler

    nubile naturistsPolka dot undies yum

  • Wrote Hotforebo

    Wow...she shouldn't be hesistant at all! Awesome body!

  • Wrote Ijhel

    you look fantastic. Do you like older folks. I am a 38yo fit uk masculine. Send me your email and some pics and i will tell you what i would like to do with your youthfull brilliant sexy bod xxx

  • Wrote snahbrandy

    nubile naturistssensuous arousing assets. I would rubdown all it... May you flash more of you ? We are a duo and she has a very nice booty like you.. tahiti.jan@gmail.com

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    I must say - you do have very beautiful rump. Please more pictures

  • Wrote Sir_Oralus

    I am whining with desire.... awesome...

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