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    I'm flattered again by all the comments last time. Thanks. I truly love reading them. Here are some more pictures - away from the sand this time. This is fun! Just a little pinch...

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    Howdy there,I?m back again ! This is one of my favourite sessions I?ve made. Lots of pics have been taken and they?re fucking hot! Next time you can c more of them... So plz Love ! Love, S-Girl More joy in the pool...

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    My gf she is Nineteen. We wished attempt an anal invasion practice but she was afraid from ache. She suggest me to drink Absinth before to attempt. Cheers... Jester...

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    More pictures from the Exotic Erotic Ball in San Francisco. I've included more pics of my fave - the lovely lady in blue. The showcase resumes...

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    Hi again. Here I am drying off down there. So this far you have seen me washing, playing, drying, and pruning. What is left? I would love to hear what you have to say. Soft Touches. Cody She liked to pose for me...

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    My very first shoot went oh so well. I even managed to get my man into the activity. Love a bit of eye candy sure to rot you to the core. just a boob.....lol...

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  • I Am A BeachVoyeur 148 - Hairy Pussies- BVR

    Hi Everyone-Once again, thanks for all the positive comments in our posts last week. We had a lot of requests for "dress pics", so here is a montage of them.; rather "tame", but this is Naturist project, not Naturist project--- Cheers, Cathy & Dave

    December 2018 23:38:27

  • se masturbe sur la plage- sand fingerblasting

    This is only the 2nd time Funtime has sent in photos. But because of the supreme response and all the Hot comments, I spoke her into doing a quick photo session for me the last night! Hope you send in some excellent comments so she will do more!

    December 2018 9:55:48

  • Hidden cam - Europe Sand. Two Friends.

    Thanks to all who had such truly nice comments on my E-Contri. For those who asked to see a little more...here ya go! I hope yall like these pics. Leave me a message if you have idea's for next set.Thanks :) ( PDPMEA )

    December 2018 8:5:28


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    You used to have a spear didn't you?

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    I will get tired of observing your wifey when they close my coffins lid. lol. love the pictures, particularly her bootie. thanks for sharing. jon

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    Like to see you drop the hooter-sling ans demonstrate your beauties!!

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    Wow is all I can say! Absolute perfection, retiredguy57

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    I voted appropriately.I will vote appropriately again in Two months when my membership is up.

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    Yeah, you know...a real wonder! ;)

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    Hey!! Net. Some day you'll be old, then you'll love the Mature Ladies

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    Funny...it asked me to log in to comment...so I put SSM...but I guess I was already logged on as shysoccermom...LOL. I wish Naturist project could somehow figure out that any version of SSM is us...we have it in here all different ways... LOL

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    would you please tell me what city your pictures were taken, I would love to travel there. Thanks.hallehooks@comcast.net

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    I think Bambi is beautiful!

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    Stunning!I hope we see more!

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    you've got some hot little titties, and beautiful sunburn lines. would love to see some more 'detail' shots too!notoriouslyinterested

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