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    We missed the Bottomless pic self-post contest, so we thought we'd upload the pics we meant to be used there to the Private Shots section instead. Enjoy! Afew from the collection...

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    It's been a while since Marie has posted. Before taking pictures for Halloween, Marie needed to douche and trim. Leave her your comments, it turns her on. More to ensue just having joy again!!...

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    Hope you like these I have had a few people ask me to do some pics with knee socks so here you go. Stop by my message boards and let me know if you like them. Do you like them?...

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    We went on our annual Valentines date this year. SnS was experiencing kinda amorous when we got home so I got out the camera and snapped a quicky disrobe sequence. Anyone wanna fuck??...

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    Sorry about the quality but we only have a vhs camera but if the comments are favourable then I am thinking of getting jack a fresh vid camera Suck on this...

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    27 year old gf posing in living room. She was reluctant at first-ever but ultimately consented to a duo of pics. More on the way as she is in the mood. for hairy fuckbox paramours....

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    Hi Kate and Group, Here are some pics I took while we were canoeing onthe lake. Love your site and the arousal it brings. Thanks a lot, Happyman comments good, bad & nasty...

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    here i am with the 2nd coming of my session face the door this time sans underwear for my queer friends and for the ladies of Naturist project...have joy and leave hilarious comments:-) my little hotty...

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