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    Howdy, My name is Kija, I'm fresh to this and the photos aren't the best but I thought I'd send a few pics to see if any one would like to see more of me and possibly want to take more of me.. Please send any remarks to ........................

    December 2018 22:53:11

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    To all the nice comments we have been recieving, THANK YOU! To the few rude comments, isn't jealousy a bitch??! You should truly attempt dealing with it a different way. Hope these next few contri's fulfill some of your requests! We will eventually get nicer, we hope! Smooches

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    She's a lotta dynamite in a smallish package. Give good remarks and this wont be the last contri. Comments: pic 1: Superb butt..... Comments: pic 2: Coming out of the bathroom Comments: pic 3: Superb breasts too..........

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