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    Getting in the Christmas spirit, with4 kids grown up and gone.My wifey ultimately agreed to let me send a few pictures. I've gotten this Christmas introduce for the last 30 years and she's still the best. Just Love ! And be NICE...

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    We would like to showcase everybody my figure, and see what everyone has to say. You can publish my e-mail address if you like. Thanks breezy ex gf...

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    Thank you! I wait other comments, please. Grazie mille! Aspetto altri commenti così mi convinco .....pubblicherò altre foto...e poi chissa!!!Baci a tutti the wifey....

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    These are pictures of me attempting out my fresh leather microskirt and jacket. This is my first-ever set of pictures. Posting them is a bounty to my beau. fine nice fucking...

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    Hi. This is my first-ever time when I pose nude and for that reason I am a little clumsy and bashful. I would much appreciate if you will flash me some support! Thank you a lot... in advance! B Smooch, Ormi...

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    hiya guys. thanks for all the good work u guys are doing posting pics at vw we love witnessing our pics show up and love all the comments..... hope you love these..... Love ! Tino...

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    Have joy with these as I had joy taking them. It's my first-ever feeble attempt at CD. I used a little Photoshop to take some liberty with the size of my dick. Damn this bitch is hot...

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    Hi all Its been a lengthy time since my last contri... So, here are some pictures taken by my hubby while i was washing the car... Love her little arse...

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    richa is my friend's wifey and is too timid. but he took her pictures one day and we told her that now thousand of people around world will see you. plz leave nice comments. and tell how sexy she looks. we are also in picture interchange.

    January 2018 6:24:57

  • Chesty sexy chicks group on naturist playa

    So yes the shots are staged, by me, that's the point - all these pictures where taken by strangers with my own camera that I pass on to them to take the picture - I hope that should satiate all the doubters and critics.

    January 2018 9:13:36

  • Youthfull lovely stunner flashing on the strand

    Wifey had been talking with a friend for fairly a while. They met once and had a quickie in the parking lot of a local bar. These are pics of the lengthy awaited encounter. If you recognize her be descrete but dont be timid ;)

    January 2018 7:30:23


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