• Daughter

    this is our Naturist project version of the series we've sent in to Naturist project. there will be a few more parts to ensue. we hope everyone likes. take care One day at Ac Motel....

  • Suntan

    No real story. Just bought my wifey a pair of crimson hot high-heeled shoes and thought she would look pretty good just wearing them...and nothing else. Fresh Clothes I purchased...

  • Nude

    It's been awhile since our last contribution so we desired to share some photos of Jan aboard a cruise ship. Hope you love them and good comments warrant more contributions. Wfi and more...

  • Photos

    These are vid caps of a flick we posted at HomeClips if you want to see the act. Miss Beauty loves the comments and doesn't mind a poke from behind when wearing nothing but her high high-heeled shoes. Pura Vida!!...

  • Daughter

    Harley Lady - 1st Contri 51 yo sexy lady - Stopped on the side of a road that was a model airplane field, thought the sign was appropriat another I was sent...

  • Hot

    around the house....this is our 2nd contri. Thanks for the nice comments last time. Shes a excellent doll and we have alot of joy together. We'll have more afterwards. Who knows what we might do. waking up with a hard on...

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  • exhib at plage - exhib au bord du lac

    This is how things are done in Russia. We grab Two hot lezzies, flow them with vodka and minutes afterward they are most horny and are anxious to suck everything out of their streaming fuckboxes. Awesome sapphic act.

    January 2019 1:11:24

  • stranger frigs my wifey on playa

    The weather here has been awful this spring - so cold and damp. Sooooo, when the sun came out for an afternoon, we took advantage of it and went for a ramble. The sunshine and warm weather got me to experiencing jiggish and briefly we were having some real hot joy to warm up the afternoon.

    January 2019 8:55:11

  • Duo Fucking In Public On Playa

    Hi Naturist project. this is my 2nd attempt at sending you pics. The very first ones were too close??? Well hubby bought a digi webcam and I just love getting my pic taken now...*S* Good comments will get more pics, and I love comments from guys and peculiarly ladies....mmmm..

    January 2019 7:22:36


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    Got any vids that you share Jimms52@yahoo.com

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    unspoiled beauty,please send more,thank you..

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    Beautiful, Last pic was best. Please post more shortly.

  • Wrote teodickl8

    what museum were you at? We have a few here in PA. if I had caught you taking those pics, would she have been embarassed or would she have let me have fun with her puss a little while you took more pics?

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    U said it dude....she is the bomb!!! Yeah I know we like her gams and feet.....wish we could all get together and have Three sets of forearms all over her;) u like her thicket in the other pic? She's even got the sexiest palms too lol!!!

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    Come on. Flash us the motel photos!

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    I miss Devil's regular postings here. Wish she'd begin back up. Voted Superb! I'm glad she is still playing around!

  • Wrote hornyparul

    HONEY ! Thanks

  • Wrote AlexPed

    I don't think those photos of her clipping (?) her toenails were necessary, but overall you're making progress.

  • Wrote bignuts09

    Beautiful!!!!! Wow. Thanks for sharing. Keep 'em coming!

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    love the sounds she makes... thats real enjoyment...

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