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    My beautiful wifey liking all the delights of life and looking ready to be ravished. First-ever time contri so hope you all like her. Aldi. All is in the title...

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    Here are a few pictures of Cindy in temptingly see-through clothing. If good comments emerge on the message boards, you may be eyeing more (much more) of her! Cosa ne dite?...

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    This is our first-ever contribution, she is 24 yo and would like to hear nice comments from single dude and couples too. in spanish or english, if comments were nice she will post often. scenic Maui drive...

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    Some pictures of me cleaning up in my maids uniform - it makes me hot and moist all that fondling and grinding, and I never get a arm. in giro x ferie...

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    Once we went to the see shore right about 50 Meter beside a well frequented road in Portugal. It was arousing because a few cars stopped to see our foto shooting. some pictures of me...

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    Howdy, here are some more pics from the same source as the ones I sent some weeks ago. Write back if you want the story again. Best regards, Erik JEWELD TITS OF MY Wifey...

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    Mary Ann loves posing and is VERY interested in attempting her Bi-curious side!! Comments from the ladies peculiarly welcome, she likes it! More pics of Christie !!...

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    Once again Fantasy Jamboree in Key West has lived up to it's reputation as the place to be during the last week of October. These lasies are wearing only paint and a smile. Part Trio No story Just Lynn...

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    Here is my beautiful gf Karen old 34. Not bad for a woman who has had Five children. Let me know what you think and if it's positive there will be many more photos Esta lista....

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    I want to tell to all the women how fantastic is to fuck with a big fake penis in the water.i stay there for one hour fucking my self and spunking in the water.just fantastic my rump for your pleasure...

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    Grouped the larger titted chicks together for this contri. Anyone who would like higher res photos send message in comments section. Thanks. Mummy Kiki!...

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  • Sand Kiev Love will save the world

    Hi everybody. Linked some nice pics of my German bi-atch which I recently took on our vacatin. She needs it real and I would be glad when a lot of people would spunk on her, peculiarly from Germany. Please leave comments and e-mail as we will contact you.

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  • my wifey getting off on plage

    Just thought we would attempt something a little differnt.You might call it artistry? For us it was just playing with some light effects attempting to get some good pics. We are just having some joy. Hope you all love the pics!!!

    December 2018 22:22:43

  • Nude Playa - Deep Railing & Rear end

    I got some very hurtful comments after the very first part. It made me wonder why I do this. It is like some guys (who never leave a real name, an email or make a contribution themselves) want to drive away the contributors like me who keep this site going.

    December 2018 20:29:51


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