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  • Sand stunner Summer taunting with her brilliant feet

    Howdy guys! Just desired to say thanks for all the nice things people wrote over the last few weeks. I hadn't posted for a while because I had some trouble with Naturist project and Naturist project. But things are worked out now, and I'm part of the alliance now! ;) Well, just let me know what you think. Hope you're all doing well!

    December 2018 8:35:4

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    Forgive me, but I ended up switching my camera off and joining them. I didn't want to miss this again. We experienced many different threesome positions. Vittoria particularly liked being taken from behind while providing our friend a pussy eating. I even had, in the end, a special favour.

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    C'est la derniere s rie de la marche en nature de Sandra! Les commentaires sont supah gentils dans l'ensemble et Sandra aime les lire! Cela lui donne plus de confience de faire encore plus de photos! Plus elle a de beaux commentaire, plus elle postera de photos!

    December 2018 6:47:15


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