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    these pics are an early xmas introduce for me. would love to know what others think of her.. we know we will hear from the guys, but we also want to hear from you ladies!!! Hangers....just love them...

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    Abhi's very first ever online contribution. Do encourage her to do more in future. Loves to pose, tho' shes timid. So lets make her liberate her shyness.. Sunday afternoon part two...

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    It was excellent to see this generous youthfull lady, too, with her absolutely exquisite big beautiful breasts which she was glad to share for everybody's mutual pleasure. horny hairy wifey...

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    part Two of lou in motel bedroom. thank you to all for the encouraging comments to our earlier posting...to those less encouraging comments..hey live and let live....to everyone all the best for 2004 Cocktail anyone?...

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    Esperamos que aunque no se vea mucho, os gusten, porque nosotros lo pasamos muy bien haciendolas. Y haremos más, y quien sabe si las pondremos... asi que, sed positivos. Hooters out...

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    Bashful Wifes First-ever Usually bashful but gained a entire fountain of confidence since very first time bare-breasted on the playa, what do you think gals and guys? Nice comments will get more! ripe and ready...

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    It was a joy Ten minutes at a crowded soiree. After this pic i quickly squatted over him and had him eat me. Very almost caught by best friend hostess. She would NOT have been happy! Erotic night with this fellow and a duo followed. He even got some pics of that. :-)

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    Here we are at a local steak building. After dinner we continued our joy in the parking lot. Four guys got out of their car and eyed her flashing. One of them held up his cell phone and asked for a picture. She said sure and I flapped him over. I got a picture of him getting a picture of RHG.

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  • theSandfly Plage Supah Suckers & Fuckers!

    I went over to a friends building to use his hottub and found a big bottle of wine. As you can see from the pics I had a blast with it. I would live to hear you comments and ideas, you can email me hope to hear from you. Dual D

    December 2018 7:17:30


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    You've got a lovely arse JJ!!! totally delicioius body!!

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    I am amazed at the guys (assumed) that post negative comments. No one in this world manages clicking the mouse button to look at this or any contri other than you. Everyone that posts here is beautiful and props to them for being unshod. If you dont like, just budge on! Jez, how can you live with yourself with such a condescending and critical attitude. Do yall realize that your critical condescending posts are like the religios sects that want to ban / criminalize poronography. They dont look at it and it does not affect them, but they want to ban it. Is that any different than those of you that say negative things about a contri when all you had to do was NOT click on the link to view?

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    A beautiful contribution totally ruined by the blurred out face. Sorry but its true.

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    any more of this beauty?

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    ha ha i think it was supreme and hope ya post more pictures of that ride...wont be lengthy and the gov monkeys will ban this event too

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    naturists all agesOK, "Mr. Missy", you are one impressively lucky man -- having her is far nicer than winning MegaMillions!

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  • Wrote asweetang

    Yum!What a sweet set of shots. Thanx!Only one shows those delicious nipples? I would love to see more of those! Such erect nips. <happy breathe. . . >Hope to see more soon-=Storm=-

  • Wrote nudehangi

    Fine pics from last years best soiree ! Thanks for sharing CE ! Come on July 18th !!

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    Lousy! Why post if you are going to hide your identity? Is it some kind of thrill? Besides it is not that excellent a figure, any from 20 years ago?

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    I was thinking the same thing.....YUMMY! ThanksYeah...and there should be a way to block those derogatory/rude people

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    The guys with the negative comments most likely look at these sites just so they can jack off...they don't know what naked ladies in public truly look like. Fantasy jamboree is a blast and thanks for the pictures.

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