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    Erika Erotika Is Back - Hi Naturists group. I liked the comments, so I'm back. Would love to here from some nice bi-girls this time around or couples from Europe. xoxo Erika Erotika duo italian...

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    No prizes just honesty !! After Three children and a biz to run she hardly perceives sexy contrary to what i say or do, its our first-ever contri please be fair should she post more !!! An den Gleisen !...

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    We've chatted about displaying some of our private photos and we're ultimately taking the plunge. Comments would be appreciated and might motivate her to showcase more. First-ever Time - First-ever TIME...

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    I loved all of your flattering comments. I'm embarking to unwind a little more in front of the camera and am working up to exposing more. The act proceed....

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    The contest ask's for five positions, HMMMM.......I always attempt to imagine where my man behind the camera would want to be if he was'nt taking the photos. Imagination can be a very strong thing! I hope you like. :)...

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    Here is A few pics my wifey "L" this is her first-ever time on the internet hope everyone likes she is very bisexous and love dick too. Would love to here from females and couples she was bored...

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  • big grizzly grizzly blows nat at the playa

    Hi Kate and group Resubmitting these as they didn't make it the first-ever time. Please post in private shots and title themHand Picked because my wifey picked these to send.Maybe if comments are good we will do more :)

    October 2018 7:27:36


    A weekend away at our favourite Peak District country cottage is always good. Used the time on our own to model all her fresh undergarments and the different pubs and restaurants were excellent places to display off her lovely gams in brief skirts. Maybe next time we'll find a friend to help with the camerawork.....

    October 2018 17:22:14

  • Sensuous spycam In Plage Cabin Bathroom - Part Two

    As Amanda's hubby I do have a collection of my favour pictures. some of them might critising me for letting Mike and Jake nude pics of my wifey. But let me tell, that practice did indeed spiced up up fucky-fucky life. Next contri will be looked after by Mike and Jake. Cheers, Phil

    October 2018 19:48:38


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