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    A warm afternoon in the "drA?me" (south east of France)... biking along the riverside was pleasant, even more with the surprise of a walker.... Rocking it out!...

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    I miss you my friends! I am Rita. Placing my ideal assets on the floor I tenderly touch my lips and open them a bit to get the free access to my best spot. Love with me! Me on top hanger shot! ;)...

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    Some outside pics from last fall. Took advantage of the chance of a weekend sans the kids. We love trading pics with other couples or females. Leave email address. caught her at the pool...

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    This is my wifey. Go thru the photos and comment one by one. Take a closer look at her cooter lips. And then let me know if you are keen to fuck her or not. My bootie and piercing...

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    we were having joy playing undress poker, when suddently i had my Three kings in a row against three queen. that's when the unwrap embarked the wifey outside...

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