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    Hi Asher and everyone else! It's getting cold out, so here I am just lovin’ myself on the sofa in some of my beloved winter attire, hope you love me too! A basic money-shot...

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    This is me, Aprile, coming home from work. I was told by my gfs thatI'm looking sexy. What do you think? DoYOU want more? Smooch smooch My very first time......

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    Just bought these fresh high-heeled slippers. Truly her first-ever time in high-heeled shoes at all for the most part. I thought they were fairly sexy. Let us know what you think! Posing for hubby...

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    Today, we have planned a fresh series of pics. Petula she was supreme even under such conditions. Snow, strong wind, sometimes the sun ... I have to commend her very :-) Betty Breast...

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    Sapphire lives in Illinois inbetween Chicago and St Louis. She hopes that everyone loves looking at her pictures as much as she luved posing for them. Hey Y'all!...

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    Here are some first-ever time shots of myself....not sure how they look. What do you all think? Sorry about the scanty quality of the shots but it's my very first time. Hot wifey titts...

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    Came across these oldies from way back. I'd almost forgotten about them. I can't think of a finer time of year to share them. For Maxine's comments...

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    But Soft, What Light Beyond The Window Cracks - Well it's not fairly Juliet on the balcony but I've just spent a duo of very sexy days doing very sexy things in this fine place!! I hope you like my efforts!! Here's a quick preview - Jessxx

    December 2018 9:19:48

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    Hi Naturist project Viewers! Thanks for all of your comments on my 1st submission! Here I am participating in my fave pastime. sucking cock! I got my neighbor to come over to help me with something..and little did he know that I wished him to take photos of me going down on him! hehe~ Luv,Arianna

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    Vacation - Hubby were visiting some friends in Arizona, and stayed at this beauitful resort, the Royal Palms, and wow what a nice place to stay, and the food was outa site, any way we had allot of joy and partied until we were fairly hungover lol................Kisses Ashley

    December 2018 1:38:51


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