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    Silvy Collection From Italy - Some pic's of my wonderful Italian Wifey. Qualche foto della mia deliziosa mogliettina che sta per farmi il grande regalo della mia vita. Baci a chi ci conosce, ;-) XXX from a past contri...

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    Well, I took time out on the site for marriage and childbirth. Now I'm excited again and ready to come back to talk with friends and fans! Naked Traveler...

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    here are some pics of my gf. She is 38 and has Two children. Equipment Casio 7000 Please enjoy! No e-mail. Please entitle "HOT SNOT" Thanks Am I doing this right?...

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    Hi Everyone-We have had some Reclouds contris, but will now attempt some for Naturist project. We love and read all your comments AND we take requests. Love to you all-Cathy & Dave Just relieving at home....

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    Hi everyone,,, This posting is to fulfill alot of request I had to post in a mini microskirt and high-heeled shoes. Can't wait to hear what you think... Smooches Laney Hidden cam photos of me!...

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    Late afternoon. Plage wasn't active. Two boys suggested me a chance to witness them jack off. All I had to do was de-robe. I did the jacking for them Covering her breasts...

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    Hi!!! My name is Sara and i`m 25 years old and i like to taunt in stilettos and pantyhose!!!That makes me hot and i hope u will be hot to after looking my pic!!!! Beautiful day in June!...

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    These pics were taken in different occasions.... She's truly the best among the women I had. And fellatios are her specialty! Love. Day in the forest...

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    No cool story here. Married for 15 years and she still says that she loves to suck my sausage. Now, what kind of person would I be to attempt to keep her from doing what she loves? One very HOT night!!!!!!!!...

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    When I witnessed they had a "Wet Skin" contest, I couldn't wait to get into the tub! I love the way my figure looks when I'm humid head to toe - do you? ;) not sunburn, but ok?...

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    My wifey has many would consider ideal puffies. I have a few pics to share for the Erected Nips Contest. A good response and she may want to post more on here. She likes the comments afterwards when I read them with her.

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    Thank you so much again to all who left such nice comments and voted high on my prior contris. You have made a very timid nymph a little bolder. I hope you will proceed to comment and vote for this newest obedience.

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