• Sand

    Fresh set of hooter-sling and undies on my gf leads to some good activity. Please leave comments. This is our first-ever contribution, but if the comments are positive and helpful, we can/will do more. Hi again!!...

  • Close Up

    here's some more of her after her bath...thanks for the nice comments on the 8/29 post...I'll attempt to get some more of her in different positions but bathtime/showertime always seems the easiest Petite fragments of me...

  • Exhbitionism

    More from Talladega. This is part 1 of this lady, she had a hot daughter-in-law and she was attempting to get her daughter-in-law to flash. We had no luck getting the daughter-in-law to flash, and Mom failed us. Missy's open for biz...

  • Hot

    Thank you for all your votes and so many amazing comments you left to my August-Contri "Vienna - Excursion in sexy outfits". I always love reading each individual comment!!! Very first piercing...

  • Daughter

    We have determined to go out. We are on the fortress and Frances has opened her sundress. There are people on the street. It's titillating ! HI EVERYONE....

  • Sand


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    Hi Nudistscrew, Here's my 2nd contri Where was the first-ever ? I send you a few pictures of my wifey (41). We take them Two years ago on a sunday afternoon If the comments are good we will send probely more Call here "G" Keep up the good work ! Greetings from Holland

    December 2018 20:48:25

  • Spanish film nude actress at the plage

    it took alot of persuading to get her to post. she has a high profile job and didnt want be seen. we have been lengthy time viewers of the site and thought we should contribute, if she gets nice comments more are sure to come please do not publish my email address.

    December 2018 17:9:52

  • Oops Accidental Bareness on the Playa

    This particular afternoon I went hiking thru Historical Miles Canyon stopping only for onanism violates. If you cross the suspension bridge and ensue along the trail you can come to an archealogical delve from the 1898 Gold Rush called Canyon City.

    December 2018 13:53:49


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