• Beach

    These are some pics that I took at the Soiree cove in lake of the ozarks over the weekend. Hope you like them. This is my first-ever attempt also. my love at the sand...

  • Exbitionist

    hi guys and dolls, I love public bathrooms, particularly inwards supreme malls where I'd like to meet some fans!!!! Ensue me and love the pics! and Glad fresh year!...

  • Teens

    Well school is back in and your lesson today is not being greedy so please keep it hard or keep them raw. Thank you for a your support and this is to widening my horizion. mature woman...

  • Photos

    Just some pics of my wifey in her last few days of pregnancy. No story but she indeed loves supreme comments. I hope you love here as much as I do. almost there!...

  • Voyeur

    Just a few varied shots of Jeanne at age 55. We love the Reno area's casinos and give them an eyeful every Saturday night. Love to have joy and showcase off. Two chicks posing on sand...

  • Family

    Ultimately observing some sunshine here in the Northwest USA... vacation next week and Rae should get some sun for those sunburn line devotees. A different look...

  • Nudists

    The real story of these photos is simple: a friend and I determined one night to go in the Montmartre famous place in Paris, and to have a few drinks there ! Plage D'ANTIBES...

  • Daughter

    Hi. May be you can't get contris from Germany but the german nymphs come to Brazil, (for my pleasure!!). Here are some of Layla and her goldylocks, taken during a "car session". Bye In front of the mirror....

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  • hot mom loves threesome on the playa

    I was telling her about a friend of mine who got posted to this site unknowingly (and kudos to the Naturist project for taking them down immediately), and I mentioned that it would truly turn me on to post some here... she said I could. So... here you go...

    December 2018 3:56:27

  • Public strand fuck-a-thon by private duo

    This is the following contr to Love on The Rocks of May 12 I was about 300 meters away used a Canon delve camera with extra zoom this duo came to this naturist plage two days in a row just to have fun and i guess to be voyeured. I made 1? hour DVD of them. vote for me

    December 2018 23:8:12

  • theSandfly Introduces De Rena Strand Voy Collection

    Thanks again for all your comments on my last contribution, I thought you might like to see what happens when we get back from the "Walk in the Countryside". Those of you who wished to see more of my beaver, this is for you. Comments please both guys & nymphs.

    December 2018 9:5:9


  • Wrote ARAGA

    Very beautiful! Best wishes for you and your family!

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    Hot pics I love the shaven look. I am trim myself and love nude tanning.

  • Wrote ponti

    What a killer figure OMG beautiful! I agree that women DO get finer with age and I hope more think like you. Please send more pics....Joe

  • Wrote trev12

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    Thank you for your votes and comments sweeties. It does turn me on. My beaver and titties await you. Please send your photos (or videos) to pics_for_marti@outlook.com. Can't wait to see yours since I've been demonstrating you mine. Heehee. Smooches Marti

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    Wow!!! They are beautiful!(and so are you) I could squeeze them and suck on thoses awesome puffies all night long!! I'd love to see more!! and to give you more compliments! ;-)

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    I think the pix are great! Good job!

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