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  • FROM THE Plage TO THE BOAT...F70

    Didn't get the greatest reception with her last two posts. Now's she's back with her sexy Dominican friend Aayana. Hopefully you guys love these because I can assure you I luved watching and they liked being observed.

    November 2018 12:45:51

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    57 Year Old Wifey Jas - Thanks for the fine comments on my last contri, I was revved on to know the things that you would like to do to me, I get revved on knowing that there many guys out there looking at my pics, also knowing what town/city or part of the world I reach. Blessed 2007, JAS xxx

    November 2018 19:18:39

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    M* Vacation At Kos - These fotos were made during our vacation at Kos. My hubby has been posting pics of me for a while now and he loved the comments that get. Now it was his turn to go solo so I can read what you thinks of him so love the Pics and bey bey

    November 2018 6:1:6


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