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    We do not believe in crap like "voodoo" or "black magic", but we DO believe in the magical effect of beautiful stunners on us. me, total bod...

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    She Indeed Couldnt Give A..... - Back at the bar...its got guys in there watching football..drinking....and pretty briefly watching me get sexier and sexier. Elementary pose...

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    These are from our 5th anniversary jaunt. Albeit usually bashful, my wifey has found attempting the precedingly unthinkable VERY fulfilling. Nothing like the superb outdoors! Wifey jamming my friend...

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    *Ch On A Stool - lyn 50+ so be a sweety don't be rude It took me a while to agree to post but here are a few so be kind i'm just going to see how the comments go lyn xoxo DON T Demonstrate MY MAIL TRANKS...

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    My bf thinks I'm hot :) and I'm coming round to the idea as have not done this type of thing before so lets see what happens ;) HtWifey's sexy gams....

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    sparksamerica Ten day Biker Rally in Oklahoma every year in June! People from all over the world comes to Chandler Oklahoma every year. For Your Pleasure

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    Aloha, Here are some pictures of my Sexy Hawaiian Wifey. She is in her 40's. Hope to get some feedback from you that will encourage her do do more. . First-ever stripped to the waist...

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    we just bought a nightclub and where remodeling , we thought we would take a few pics while we where on a break. The train car I just threw in. do not demonstrate my e-mail address please. love big red!!!!!!!...

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    *Gg Meggi & Paula - I'm photographing Meggi as she dresses Paula as a maid. We are playing dress-up today albeit we spend much more time sans clothes on than with! semi-transparent night suit...

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    A very first time subjugation inspired by a very special and irresistible bday boy. Blessed Bday blue eyes! I LOVE granting your wishes and when you grant mine! It happens in our garden....

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