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  • Gloria Gucci Fucking On The Playa

    Along The Way - Living in the desert can indeed suck at times, but atleast you always have an excuse to get naked outside. We took these on our way back from Havasu after spending Two days naked and playing at a friends summer getaway building. Sorry no pics of that act, but friends were camera bashful

    December 2018 15:6:17

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    Some more shots of Schatzi -- This set of pics taken with a good friend of us who likes my Schatzi to serve him best. She likes beeing observed during service.... On this occasion she had her days, so no fucking . I hope you all like it.

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    Hi Kate, Sailor and all you fantastic spectators. I admit, I'm totally addicted to this. Hope you all love them and don’t leave behind to vote (if you liked, of couse). I am deep-throating my smooches to all my admirers at Naturist project. Bye. :) ~

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