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    Thanks so much for all the sweet comments on my last set of pics. Here are some more pics as promised and requested. I hope you enjoy! ;-) Squeaky Clean? Not Me!...

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    Big Arse - Loved the comments from my very first post,they got me all excited and I determined to post again.Would love to here from any women, I am bi-curious. upload pics...

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    Wifey has been down the last while. I tell her she looks smoking hot but I have a sensing she needs to hear it from an unbiased source. Arlyn y Diego...

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    hi! my name is sophie i'm Nineteen years old i would like to showcase you pictures of my very first movie it was very arousing to made it hope you'll like these smooches sophie she likes to expose...

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    My wifey and I took a tripto DC for the weekend to check out the famous Cherry Blossoms. When we got there they were mostly gone. So we had to improvise. see.... :-)...

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    It all embarked when I took the pic in the mirror. Sent it to my spouse and asked, "do you like my fresh shoes"? Well this is what happened when he got home! One more time, from Spain...

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    We went out so Bunni Jae could get her drink on! Afterwards that nite Bunni Jae determined to give one of her champ BJ's. Stay Tuned for Part II hope you like it .......

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  • Fucking on the Beach-by PACKMANS

    Sexy wifey of Legitimate years is embarking to "show" her wild sexy side. These were taken on a latest journey. We are planning a tour to Mexico at the end of Nov. If anyone has an request let us know and we will attempt and get photos. Thanks for all the supreme comments.

    December 2018 6:15:23

  • Oral jobs and fuckfest on a naturist strand

    Samantha Two Samantha loves to have fun in front of the camera and gets so revved on, knowing you can see her naked hopefully with your help and encouragment she will fulfil her naked ambition what would you like to see Thanks to all at vw for this excellent sit

    December 2018 7:2:19

  • hot brazilians butts at sand 2015

    Thanks everyone for the excellent comments! We're taking all the requests and are planning a contri answering those requests. This contri is flanked by a duo more we shot this past week. keep an eye out in Naturists too!

    December 2018 24:30:35


  • Wrote buck50

    that's what I was going to say.....:D Supreme movie too...and a truly game female, fabulous XXXX

  • Wrote rightotan

    No wool keep it nice and smooth! That's just the way I like them, sleek and wet!

  • Wrote Derrick94

    Ex-pat: where did you budge to? Thinking of leaving the country and wondering where is best to go.

  • Wrote dussault

    What a geyser of rubbish.

  • Wrote sperminat

    Mmmm... Jolynn, you're as delicious as always. And hey, we didn't know you two rail as well!!! We just got our first-ever bike in August and are loving it (though it's turning too cold for regular rails now *sigh*). We'd love nothing more th

  • Wrote kole4ka

    is a real turn off........

  • Wrote wm76

    what a way to make a bar beautiful, wish I could see that more often. I'd take up drinking.

  • Wrote playermade


  • Wrote partyfun101

    one more 1.class chick

  • Wrote supercop748

    MORE!Your assets reminds me of my black mistress Shirley. Now I AM horny. You have a delicious looking clit! Thanks and please post briefly.

  • Wrote klesk100

    Another Savory set Ruthie!!!

  • Wrote tripkap

    damn nice supah big tits and nips. hey sent me some pictures showcasing your big tits and hot puss lips up close.. lteap2@yahoo.com

  • Wrote ian-is-co

    From Cathy and Jay we love your pics.Jay realy likes your tummy,hips and bottom yes he is into real woman not size 2s.I would love to have fun with your large breast,wich my nip could be so large and dark.Email us if you wish to make fresh friends and we can

  • Wrote hornyparul

    I suspect she should have guzzled.

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    I'd do more than love that gorgeous arse, I would positively adore it and the rest of her glorious bod along with it. I love the sleek cootchie lips! Slurp!!pntwlkr@yahoo.com

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    I love to munch and fuck that humid puss

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    nice rack hun!

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    Wow you are a lucky SOB to have such a sexy babe! Holy fuck, she is a doll. And on top of that she is a spunk bi-atch, takes it up the booty, and likes facials? HOLY CRAPOLA!!! It just doesn't get any finer than that.

  • Wrote heather47

    Love this !! So hot and sexy !!!!!!!

  • Wrote insanearc

    SORRY! Not even the same woman as in teh very first photo. (Check the nose.)

  • Wrote meindl1

    You are correct she is in fact Gross.

  • Wrote mauka

    nude cooters plage chicksI hope you are going to post an "Ass Flash". Yours must be magnificent ..

  • Wrote ron_burgu

    scaring the neighbors eh?

  • Wrote couplecan

    Utterly sexy and hot!!!

  • Wrote big_titty

    Don't truly care what these bozo's think. You're doing a hell of a job with this tease!bamde74 at yahoo

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    looks like you have way joy parties!pretty and fine boobs-lucky dude

  • Wrote Footboy25

    Nice sperm bank. Would like to make a deposit.

  • Wrote frostspid

    god she is lovely! i am so glad to see more pictures of her. can't wait until the next set! tyvm for sharing.

  • Wrote bigbootyb

    I see Cee. Cee can't see me but I eyed Cee. I'd like to seesaw with Cee and mee.

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    Keep posting and never trim her fantabulous bush!!! all woman and a real treat of a cooter

  • Wrote gooner69

    This layout was absolutely the best layout I have ever seen on this site! Ideal Layout + Ideal Model = A SUPERB VOTE from me.....

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    Moist coochies are a good thing!!!

  • Wrote hornysod1

    absoloutely breathtaking pics my pretty.licks n kissesMsStella

  • Wrote spurtnow

    Mmmmmmm,, luv your big joy playthings , nc

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    Love the pics, wish that it was my beef whistle inwards of you. do you like anal? would love Two see you taking a pecker in your ass!

  • Wrote PornDude1

    And I wish she was my cunt! Gorgeous.....very fuckable!

  • Wrote luckymike

    I agree, as you have left what you look like in all your naked glory to our imaginations. Can I suggest you submit your next post wearing sexy lingerie? That would get me excited and raw even more than I am now. Very Sexy. Siobhan.

  • Wrote joumit686

    lovely shots doll. Can't wait for more. drop the flashlight however, and get a nice absorption fuck stick. xoxo.

  • Wrote knallimon

    Love your pics Amber. I would love to join you for company :-)

  • Wrote Caligula21

    I've got 100.00 that says this woman could fuck a man's brains out. At least the lower one's.

  • Wrote JonathanH

    Honey you are beautiful! relgnet3@yahoo.com

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    never shave..your vag is so beautiful and erotic..don't listen to the pedophiles..real women menace their masculinity...

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    Don't believe so. I'm Louise Moore Moskowitz - Dr. Moskowitz's wifey.

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    Most of us would also suggest that you should get closer to her as well.

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    i ment the 2nd one.

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    Bonjour Baby, Tre Sexy

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