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    Pictures taken on Yorktown in Charleston. A little to explicit for Voy web reg section. But dreamed to share with all you other good people. Thank you all...

  • Suntan

    Ronni is truly loving the good comments we have been receiving so here is another puny collection of our pics. Keep the good comments coming and we will attempt to keep the pics coming. Summer Gf - Summer past GF...

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  • Bathing suit Playa Ladies Flashing Tits

    I like to travel worldwide and sometimes I look on naturist beaches. This time I have gone to look at beaches of Black sea. I have taken the videocamera and all the week lengthy sunbathed and spied upon youthfull women.

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  • Glamour Shoot On The Strand (Vintage)

    This is the very first time I have submitted my wife's photos and I think she is pretty hot for 57! Please be kind or she won't see this and I won't submit any more. She only does this for me so thru me a line so I can get a good fuck once in a while.

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  • Wrote fiji123

    Sure a shame about the woman in pic #7. She was an incredible hotty with a slender bod, lengthy dark hair and total tits in preceding years. I'm guessing she had a baby and gained a lot of weight she hasn't lost yet. I noticed she didn't come to the 2010 event, most likely due to comments like those above. Still one of my faves.

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    Faux tits :-(

  • Wrote CheckThat

    Hi flashingman. I'm a heterosexual fellow living in Kent, but I found your movie very appealing. You have a nice penis. However, the movie would be so much more joy, for you & for the viewer if you lost the mask & displayed your face. The joy to be had watching these flicks, for me, is to be able to form a kind of relationship with the person in the flick & get something intimate out of it. I've posted a multiplicity of photos on various sites & find a very very large percentage of the whirr I get is knowing that the viewers can see my face.

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  • Wrote fabas

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  • Wrote LadyMelis

    OK, here's a vote that you post more photos, flash more than you did this time, and pay more attention to the basics of lighting and exposure.

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    LOVE this location!!! Fine angle and use of light!!!

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