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    I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Maybe my Thanksgiving Treat contribution helped you all stay "up" after the big meal... ;) In the bath...

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    OK, so these are not the best quality but they were joy to take so ... Not effortless to take pics in skimpy light with flash into a mirror. Attempt it sometime... Female prank...

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    A Woman Who Takes Care Of Herself Pt 7 - This is the last contribution for today. This grandma is slender, trim and active. She works out daily to keep her figure. Do you like my titties?...

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    She loves her playthings, and recently found a fresh one that seemed to please her a lot, don't you think? It certainly pleased me as they are my two fave drinks. Canadian Club and Mothers Milk. puffy/masturbating...

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    My wife's first-ever time. I Like it when she wears her leather clothing. I love how she add's an accessory under adorn, and when not to. Joy at Sofa & Bath...

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    For those who don't know the story, every year the Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle starts with the famous naked (bodypaint) bike rail. Here's my 2nd and final set. Need some joy...

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    Hi group, Jackie here, thanks you all for the superb comments. I can't stop now so here's a little have fun time for you. I indeed love the camera and like to be tied up once in a while. What a good pastime!! xoxo

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    Here are some more shots of Heather in various panties/lingerie....We love trading with other females out there. Teaser type panty/lingerie pics are what we are all about...Looking to trade. leave us a comment with your email

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