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    At The Local Bank - After the Brussel's erotic fair, the day excursion to K?ln, here are my pics from the bank of the city where I live in Belgium cleaning stairs...

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    Hail! Hail! here it is a fresh contribution of Ten shots i hope isn't too much hot for post it in "exposed in public" section smooch, Mieo marta's shadow...

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    Howdy, This is my friend Elizabeth, she is married but got permission from her hubby to do a shoot with me and have some joy. learning to pose...

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    Thanks for all the supreme comments!! She loved reading them and agreed to let me post a few more. I'm not sure how lengthy this will last, but as lengthy as she says yes, you will have them. Enjoy!! EX GF of Three years...

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    Kay In French Polynesia - In celebration of our 50th bday we iundulged in a tour to French Polynesia. Here are a few photos Coments are welcome...

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    We had a lot of joy making these pictures, so we thought we might as well share this with you. I am very proud of my wifey as a person, but also the way she maintains her assets. She is unspoiled and natural. Anna's butt...

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  • Naturist Strand - Tennis Lesson Two

    A very (belated) Glad Fresh Year to all! I'm tired of looking at the snow around here, and had to post some summer pictures. These are from some times with Bridget out and about. As always thanks to all who leave kind comments. You know how to make this 50yr old mom perceive youthfull.

    December 2018 16:48:22

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    Thank you all for your preceding lovely comments albeit we havent written back to them all yet. They certainly boosted Renee's confidence and she is going to be seeking work briefly hopefully! She also permitted me to flash a more of our favourite photos so hope you love, Au Revoir!

    December 2018 1:26:58


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