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    I perceive so arousing doing that! Ambling around sans panty makes me perceive so sexy.. Actually I choose being sans panty, all the time! The last part.see u...

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    Sexo en Caracas Venezuela Fiesta para tres en el apartamento de una amigo. Espero les guste mi contribucion para asi enviarles mucho mas...   Indy in Oz...

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    Texashleigh: Very Bashful Mummy (3) - Thanks for the fine comments / suggestions. This is the last of a series. My hubby is asking for more and I may just give in... bubis en ducha...

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    Here are some more pictures of me, I love the site and want to tell everyone to keep up the good work http://sites.Nudists.com/racine_1 More dirty pics for Naturist project !...

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    It was a nice soiree in an island in Bahia, lucky I witnessed it and took off my camera at this amazing day. Insane drunken ladies everywhere, whiling to flash off and excite the masculines arround. My first-ever time!!...

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    We indeed liked the comments on the last Naturist project contri we posted (except maybe not all the insults lol)...thank you guys! The comments making posting fun! my 50 bday...

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    Well I sneaked around a bit - she said yes to the mild ones and the others, didn't agree so I sneaked some. Then I sent them to a friend and then it hit the devotee - she found out. Photo joy II...

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    just messing around one night before sofa if you dont like or have negative comments dont say anything. thanks for your vote!!! we have more and will be back leave ideas!!! Gym for my mouth...

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    my spouse loves vw (me too)and thought i would surprise him by posting some pics i took-perhaps he will want to take more once he sees these! Loving time freetime...

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    All of the unexpected she got a bit frolic ! Lucky I had my camera to catch a few shots. What followed will be left for your imagination.It only got nicer ! mini sexy micro-skirt...

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    One day when i visit my neighbour she was under the shower,and asked me "do you stil have that camera of yours",this is the result!!!! She know i've send these to vw maybe more to come. Antonio sexy clothed...

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    These summer was very hot ; i took shots of these Two nude beautiful women; the chick with his bf was far from the public beach! they made love, then swam. The other gal was on a naturist beach; i caught her when she went out of the ocean.

    December 2018 15:59:53

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    I'm sitting here in sexy high-heeled slippers, a hot panty and see thru t-shirt thinking about how wild it is to have you look at these pictures of me on the internet. I hope they turn you on! Let me know what you think, I love to read the hot comments. *kisses* Elise

    December 2018 19:27:16

  • Blonde wifey group-fucked on the strand

    The response to my last group of photos was so titillating that I thought I would spunk up with a theme. When sitting on the sand in Mexico I took a drink of my beer and thought about the process of putting the lime in the bottle. How could I creativly put the lime in. Here is how I did it.

    December 2018 18:1:14


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