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    On an other note for those who asked. Di trims with a razor, her bosoms are not lifted but she has had a reduction, she is 45 and not attempting to stay youthful forever. Just some awsome mounds...

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    This pictures were taken in a secret spot in the portuguese coast. These were the very first naked pictures I took of Xona in our first-ever holidays together. I love to read comments!...

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    this is my wifes first-ever time. i hope you all like them. if there are good coments there may be more.tell me what you think. espeacially you sandy-haired paramours out there. She send me these...

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    We are a youthful duo that loves taking pictures! While we are both amateurs, we are striving to add a bit of professionalism to our photos. We would love to hear from you, and look forward to reacting to any comments. Anything you would like to see?

    December 2018 14:24:2


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