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    Kim's Back Hey. I took a break but I'm back. Hope y'all like the pix. Just an old dancer attempting to look sexy. I love reading your email comments also guys. Don't be timid, tell me what's on your mind Barrelracer...

  • First Time

    I dreamed some photos of myself just a scanty school doll so I had a friend do them for me. If you like them I can post some more. euro cougar...

  • Voyeur

    Here is part Two for you perverts>>>If you want more you will have to vote for me because that is how it works. If you want the nasty stuff say so don't be chicken. Dual Ringed!...

  • Exhbitionism

    We determined to have fun around with the Black and Milky setting on our Camera... so as Hubby toyed with the camera, I toyed with... well you know me! :) I hope you luved it!!...

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    Ultra-kinky Kandy'S Booty Cut-offs - This is my close friend Kandy. Doesn't she look good in pink? Kandy loves it when I post her pics on the net, makes her so raw. dreaming of the summere...

  • Sand

    NOBODY is perfect..including me...but the world is an imperfect place and some of us just want to share joy photos with those that appreciate them. on general request...

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  • Spycam movie - sans bra honey on naturist strand

    A stud from up north sent me these stockings and undies to model for him in a flick. I indeed liked what he sent me but he dreamed them returned with the flick. Hope you all like them. We are always looking for open minded couples to dangle with in Central, FL. Luv,

    December 2018 7:43:57

  • Mummy with humungous mounds fucking in the plage

    I've beenvery crazy this year, so Santabrought me this X-mas fuck stick. It must be "one size fits all" because it slipped right in. :-) I hope Santa brought youwhat you wished or needed this holiday season. XOXO...

    December 2018 17:55:44

  • Mature masturbate at the sand with vibro

    Have never taken pictures before. Pulled the camera out just because...and lo and behold, it got her indeed revved on. She truly got hot. So the pics are a little tame, but I'm sense that with some favorable feedback, she'll be anxious to do more.

    December 2018 4:32:54


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    Good pics. Looking forward to the nude in public shots. To the posters who are critical- there are millions of other sites where you can find production line females. The point of this site is that it is real women not identikit females.

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