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    Wifey and I visited a motel recently with an outdoor bathroom. Once she realized a group of guys had a nice view, she determined to give them a show! ...and hopes you like!...

  • Photos

    Wendy - Some Fresh Pics! Good Morning Everyone! Here are some pics I took for some special friends, what nicer place but to post them here...hehe hope they find me! (kisses) Hope you love them! xox My 2nd contribution....

  • Outdoor

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    Hi, this is my very first contri. Love to have comments and suggestions for next time, if feedback is positive. Thanks to all that have collective there pic's, there all great! Hope you like mine. Suspending out....

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    This is my webmistress friend Persephone. She stopped by my motel room in SF one latest evening and we ended up taking some impromptu pics. These are the results. I hope you love them. Please leave your [polite] comments. thanks!

    December 2018 4:45:26

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    After a few years off, Midwest Aphrodite has determined she missed the thrill of posting on Naturist project. To feast her come back she dreamed to do her first-ever ever Naturists contribution. I for one am glad she's back, I perceive bad not sharing the woman that helps keep my building steamy in the winters.

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    I commenced to take some photos during a weekend get away while I was getting ready and playing in front of the mirror. I determined to make a two series contri here on vweb. I hope that you guyz love them. Blessed 2004 Keeep Longing Chanel

    December 2018 14:36:32


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