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    This is fresh to us and man do we love it! The comments at the smile contest have been great! Keep them coming! Another Naturists contri coming soon! Smooches Barbie xoxo...

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    Dusty likes the back door now and then. I guess I do too but he usually has to talk me into it a bit. There is a point where I truly like it, but it takes some time to get to that part.. Heaven Aroma...

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    Flashed my globes on the tittieflash this afternoon and LOVED all the comments. Couldn't wait to post these and see what you guys think. C'mon guys get yer forearms outta yer pants and vote! blessed wfi for kate...

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    Deeliteful takes matters into her own hands! Part 1 of a rubdown session which concludes up with Dee shrieking for some tush attention. exposed and the table...

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  • Nude Playa - Hot Ash-blonde Photoshoot

    Here are some of our vacation pictures. It was a little nerve wracking with the Police Cadets training in the park.Also very close to a major league baseball park. Can you guess where we went? Thanks Naturist project! Sorry I can not showcase my face.

    December 2018 22:41:36

  • Eighteen years old nubile naturist at strand

    These pics are of an older woman. If you do NOT WANT TO see what a 51 year old woman looks like then DON'T LOOK any further. Kind comments will get more pics. Negative ones bring bad karma. One Sunday afternoon a friend came over......

    December 2018 12:1:28


    Lindsey'S Glass Fucktoy - Hey Kate, Jerry, Asher, Blue and Squad. Here are a few photos that I had forgotten about.. "Oops!!" hehe.. Shane took these in the begining of the Summer. I was attempting out my Brand Fresh Glass toy; It has quickly become one of my favorites! *wink* More photos coming briefly. xxoo

    December 2018 15:44:1


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