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  • Nude Strand - CamelToe Light-haired Photoshoot

    Hi Kate Wifey and I thought we would come in these pics of her in a see thru attire which I took at a cpls club.She loves dressing like this to turn me and others on.Hope you love them and I wish I had your job.Keep up the good work.

    November 2018 11:51:36

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    These were taken on holiday in Tenerife. We took them to be developed at a 1 hr photo shop and they came off an automatic conveyor belt for all to see. You should have seen the faces of a near-by duo. Anne ambled away very hot!

    November 2018 12:40:54

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    *Ss Puss In Boots - Stripper Boot Shopping - I'm learning pole dancing, and you need special footwear for that - how convenient! Which in turn meant I needed to go to a specialist boot shop for them. So here are the pics. I'm appreciative to Richard at High Stilettos of Sydney for letting me strut my stuff there.

    November 2018 18:47:6


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