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    Thanks for the nice comments before. Here are a few pictures taken on the bedroom rug. Keep the good comments coming so I can get her to do more. J.R. Is this better...?...

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    BeeCee's This is Dan, submitting BeeCee's very first set of pics ever. BeeCee is a lovely, gorgeous and sexy lady who has eventually determined to share with the rest of us. Keep your comments coming cause she needs a lot of encouragement to post more! Thanks, PS Please do not publish my mail address

    December 2018 23:39:51

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    Here is a brief desc: sleepy1: wifey passed out after the christmas soiree sleepy2: wifey the next morning wfi: a bounty And now, the ritual: please do not post my email (I know the faq says you never do, but I understand that its like a mantra).

    December 2018 2:48:4

  • Wanking and jizzing at the strand

    First-ever timers. The usual staff. Got the camera, took the pics, sent them in, tell us what you think,leave message if interested, She is bi-curious...etc. We're in So Cal. Greetings to Ann & Paul. Write to us.PDSEMA.

    December 2018 10:20:57


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