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    On request, some more Holiday pictures. We hope they'll warm you up during these cold last days of the year. Can't wait to read your nice comments. Glad fresh year! Was indeed cold!...

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  • Nude Playa - Uber-cute Ecstatic Teenage Fucked

    Thanks for all the nice messages with our last posts, and at last we have a few pics to satiate some of the requests!! A few of you did ask for emails and more pictues, but don't then reply when we do, oh well, your loss ;) ha ha ha

    November 2018 4:41:6

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    so we walk into a porno shop. . . and there is this amazing little contraption suspending there. . . and I thought to myself- weightless fucking, suspended and pounded until the neighbors are calling the cops because of my screaming. . . I had to have it. . .

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    I have tons of pics of my wifey Catalina. Ultimately she agreed to publish some pics. At this stage she doesn't want her face to be visible, but if you are kind with her in your comments, I'm sure she will switch her mind!

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