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    These are some pictures I had a friend take the other day when it got warm out. I thought the hunters here might like to see what they might find if they look hard enough, or is that if they are hard enough? LOL

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    I had a chance to have fun the naked tourist while site-seeing down under. This was not the most private place to take your clothes off as we were constantly interrupted by looky-loos. As a tribute to our Aussie friends I displayed their flag - as my shorts! Well, at least until they came off . . .

    December 2018 2:54:48

  • Nude Playa - Uncommon - Archives Edited

    We were in Las Vegas in February and determined to drive out to the Grand Canyon. Guin had never been there. I have lots more pics, and fairly a few with less clothing on. Good comments and votes gets more pics!

    December 2018 17:12:13


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