• Voyeurism

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  • First Time

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  • Girls

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  • Voyeurism

    We liked the responses from our very first contribution. Here are a few more pics. We're always willing to correspond with like minded couples and females. We are swingers and live in Northern California. Nap 2005-020 - NAP 2005...

  • Sand

    Getting It Moist - I know she's not a hot youthful model. but she still gets my dick hard. love to interchange pics with other mature couples. Darlene a hot cougar friend...

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    She would kill me if she knew about this but what the hell. Maybe if she sees some good response she might be pursuaded to actualy pose. So please leave good comments Good morning sunshine!...

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  • Sandramonica playa tribute flick

    You guys are the BEST!....Thanks so much for the warm reception...A few more photos of the front and rear as per requests......LOVE YOU GALS!!!!!..... Will react to all valid e-mails....Thanks so much for pulling down in!..Have a good evening.

    December 2018 6:47:16

  • Plage candid braless from 1990

    Sunny Sunday afternoon walk along the tracks. Taking advantage of one of our last sunny days in North West Ohio! Hope you love the post! Some pics in Ohio some in Indiana! Ambled across the state line! Keeping the negative comments to a minimum keeps me posting!

    December 2018 4:38:1

  • Nude Strand - Hot Honeys Girl/girl Act

    hey Kate.. love the site!!.. here are some pics of my yummie wifey. I hope everyone likes eyeing them as much as i love sending them. please call them "yummie wife" :) two more to go after in the next email.. please put them all together.. please dont post me email :) keep up the good work

    December 2018 11:24:37


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