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    love all the comments..hope you like the mature tits....email rts1523@juno.com to see more...will trade with singles and couples Smooches, Cathi...

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    Some people say I lie because my gf is not 56 years old. But who makes itself already older? Nevertheless, it is rather different. My gf is truly 56 years old, why should I lie? having a joy day...

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    Hi! You'll actually get to see someone famous here - the niece of a former president of a Euro country. I guess it fits in your private section. PDNPMEA. skin and chrome...

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    Hi Nudists! Here is part one of a series of pics we took one night when my friends Jen and Dawn came over! Love, XOXO Alissa During a joy night...

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    It's been a lengthy and dreary winter here in So. Cal. Temperatures dipping into the high-30's. Almost had to put on a sweater. Brrr. =D Love all your comments...

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    Here she is again displaying more booty, this is for rump paramours only if you want skinny chicks with smallish bums then i think you should turn the page....lol she loves to demonstrate off...

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    After the jacuzzy bath, nothing nicer than pose in front of a mirror....If you like it, you can have Cindy for two... A big smooch. MUACK........ 46 year old wifey....

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    Kalina 4th Contri Here are some other photos of Kalina! How do you find her? Beautiful tits and bod, isn't it? Please love, leave your comments and vote for her. By Tuscany and Rome....

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    I had this sexy woman lounging near me. She had such a sexy figure i just had to take some pics. I think she never noticed me taking pictures of her. coments please...

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    Thanks again for the nice comments. A special thanks to those who took exception with the complainers. I added two shots at the end and yes at times I was a ash-blonde Loving the bottle...

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    Thanks for all the comments. As promised here are more detailed contributions. It was a very hot day so I had to don my sombrero among other things!! Excellent overview...

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    Just thought we'd send these in to see what peoples reaction would be. If it's good we'll post some more "interesting" ones! love to here from veiwers...

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  • Nude Strand - Another Day at the Strand

    Here are some pix of me outdoors at various locations - Maldives, Mauritius, Tunesia and Austria. I just love to perceive the sun on my precious part. Comeon nymphs tell me what you think and what to improve, I am always up for !constructive! criticism. Any woman interested in picswap? Love from Arizona, Niha

    December 2018 19:12:39

  • hot teenage plage goods shot 109, superb cameltoe

    I found one of my old computers the other day. Determined to pull out the hard drive and see what I might have left on it. Low and behold, thousands of pictures I thought I had lost forever. I will be posting many more contris in the near future. Hope you love

    December 2018 5:7:3

  • Nude Sand - Ultra-cute Teenage Mastubating on Lake

    *PI Gimlli - Blue Pillows My PC has been out of order during two months, I hope that you love this fresh contri. I like to improve my last result (sixth position). Thanks for your comments. I read all of them, but I can only reaction some of them. Kisse

    December 2018 7:43:44


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