• Suntan

    This was a tipsy evening, but had alot of joy. My wifey has always been a screamer. Don't mind the dog at the end, and no she wasn't involved. Please no e-mail. Thanks. fastasy jamboree 2011...

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    I am an Semi Profesional photographer and for todays shoot we have my lovely wifey modelled against one of Australias finest automobiles. One more beer...

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    I'm not sur if this counts as outdoors but it certainly isn't inwards. These pictures were taken while on the highway, moving down the road. Love. Cashmere and the Captain...

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    The dearest part of my assets is my bum and thought I would share these shots with you. My hubby just loves it also. Wink! Wink! Mexico 1, Croacia 0....

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    We determined to attempt something we had seen in a movie, and I poured some warm testicle tonic into Debbie's pussy...then touched it til she blasted out the juices. It was alot of fun! Mmm last night was joy...

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    I am sure she will kill me when she finds out, but hey, i get to look at your gfs and wives so why should you not get to look at mine.... oops my phone...

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  • Nude Plage - Hot Duo Suck & Fuck

    After a night of drinking, she was instructed to sundress in lace and go to the motel conference room. There she was blinded and made to pose for the puny group of folks, groping and taunting her for being a biotch.

    November 2018 13:38:32

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    Dear Santa Pg. Two - Dear Santa, I've been thinking, just in case I didn't make your "Nice" list this year, I'm willing to make you a little deal. If you'll be good to me this Christmas, then I'll be good to you. XOXOXO Cynthia P.S. Finer not tell Mrs. Claus

    November 2018 9:50:58

  • theSandfly Brilliant Plage Scenes!

    These photoes were taken while spending an erotic night in a motel before and after attending a fetish ball. We have liked the photos on Naturist projects for months, so much so that we ultimately determined to contribute. We hope you love looking at them as much as we liked taking them!

    November 2018 22:35:2


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