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    So, sit back and love the display. I sure loved making these pictures for all of you! And, if you like what you see, please let me know - I love hearing from you! For you.......

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  • Nudity

    These are the "missing photos" found by hubby, Craig. He originally took them in December but for some reason, we didn't get to post them! MySweetie@gmail.com...

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    I loved all the excellent comments from my very first post. The 1st set was my 1st time ever demonstrating myself off nude, and now im hooked. Love the set and see you shortly in Naturist project mi gf 7...

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    Sorry Everyone I send in the wrong clip.... this is definately Rita's office BJ How could I mix these two up you will see what i mean when you see this BJ.. She is the best Schlong sucker around !!!! My Wifes Nice Round Culo...

  • Voyeur

    My name is paul and this is my sexy wife....she likes to pose for pictures....this is her after our 3rd child (he's Ten months old now). Mallorca Vacation 2009...

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    My model loves leather and leopard and could'nt wait to pose for me, I think her motive was that she was attempting to entice me, And it worked,asyou can see the camera didnt stop, this model {my wife} photographer team works well together. Love all comments, Thanks all and love

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    Crete, family strand at Aghios Nicolaos. Couldn't do more, but I liked the closeups as I was standing right on top of them. Too bad, I couldn't take closeups of the 3rd gal, she was a Ten (and topless)

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